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English LL.B 1st Semester Syllabus Download | 3Year LL.B

The English language is the Third most widely spoken language. The main purpose of leaning English language is to educate the learners to write and speak in English. English will also help to communicate with global citizens.


English is a forceful language with a rich vocabulary that can make a positive impact on the outcome of a case. Knowledge of English is essential to understand the precepts, principles and underlying meaning of the Law. Some judgments may come in vernacular languages at the lower courts, but the importance of English both at the lower and higher courts cannot be denied. A budding lawyer with a good command over the regional as well as English language can become a competent judicial officer as well as a successful lawyer. So, the need of the hour is to perform well in the field of Law.
The prose text introduces a student to the nuances of the legal profession and the social responsibilities of a lawyer. The syllabus also aims to strengthen the basic features of the English language, as well as the importance of vocabulary and their usage. Comprehension of unseen passages helps to understand important ideas and paves the way for logical thinking. Translation is an intellectual and demanding task, as it fine-tunes the drafting skills and facilitates learning as well. Translations of old vernacular legal documents are vital for the outcome of a case.


  1. Law and Lawyers — M. K. Gandhi.


  1. Articles, Parts of Speech/their usage, same word used as different parts of speech.
  2. Identification of errors.
  3. Types of sentences, transformation of sentences.
  4. Change of voice.
  5. Reported Speech.
  6. Idioms.
  7. Legal words and their usage.


Applied writing

  1. Paragraph writing.
  2. Report writing/Press report.
  3. Precis writing, Summarizing.
  4. Essay writing.
  5. Cohesive devices.
  6. Comprehension passages.
  7. Letter writing.


Professional writing:-

  1. Petitions.
  2. Notices.
  3. Refutation.
  4. Essay writing on topics of legal interest.
  5. Comprehension legal content.
  6. Legal words and their usage.
  7. Use of Cohesive legal devices.



  1. Principles of Translation.
  2. Translation exercises (Translation from legal texts and decided cases.)

English Syllabus PDF Download



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